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Whole Chicken (Pre-Cut) CSA Option 2

Whole Chicken (Pre-Cut) CSA Option 2

60 pounds of Whole Chickens, pre-cut into 10 pieces in one bag.
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This is a 60 pound option, where you receive 60 pounds of chicken, pre=cut in 10 pieces, in one bag. This includes 2 breasts, 2 thighs, 2 wings, 2 legs, neck and back.  We aim for chickens to be in the 3.5-4.5 pound range but there is always some variance in sizes.  This should be around 15 chickens total. Pickup will be spaced across the spring-fall seasons with three processing dates. This will allow you to receive your chicken fresh, before it is frozen.  You will receive approx 20 pounds of chicken each time.  On-farm pickup is free, delivery will be an additional $10 fee.  After you purchase this initially, there is no charge for the second and third processing dates (unless you request delivery).   Deadline to order is April 21.

We will be doing Friday on-farm pickup and Saturday delivery.

The Three Pickup/Delivery Dates are:

April 26th (Fri) - This first group will be either picked up or delivered on the same day, as opposed to the normal Fri/Sat method.

July 19/20 - The second group

October 18/19 - The third and final group.